Wood Fence Material/Cost Estimator

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Fence Length: feet
Section Length: feet
Width of Picket: inches
Number of Rails: rails
Price per picket: dollars
Price per 2x4: dollars, per section length
Price per 4x4: dollars, per section length
Price per 2x8: dollars, per section length
Concrete bag price: dollars, 80# bag.

2x4s (Rails):
4x4s (Posts):
2x8s (Rot Boards):
80# Bags of concrete:
Estimate Total Cost:

This is a quick and dirty wood fence calculator which yeilds a rough estimate for materials needed. Estimate does not include nails/screws, tools, or labor.

Actual cut board lengths will probably vary due to fence posts not being spaced exactly the same. So, you will almost always need some rails or rot boards longer than your fence section length.